Surviving Lauren Menzies - Navigating Loss in the Modern World




I am Lauren's mum.  When my daughter died my whole world changed.  This is my survival story.

As a family we are raising money in Lauren's name for Alder Hey Children's Hospital.  Visit her Justgiving page here



One of the things I wanted to do after Lauren's death was create an area where we could always remember her. It seems a strange thing to...

Back to work ....Again

This week I went back to work. The second time this year I've headed back after an extended absence. The first time was after Lauren's...

The Crying Game

This past month has been too hard. It may be due in some part to the weeks of lockdown. But I also think it is linked to the birthdays...

Lockdown Limbo

So the lockdown continues, or at least it does for most of us. One day blends with the next. I miss my family and friends. Zoom...

Count your Blessings

This is one of the grief cliches I can actually get on board with. Just to be clear I don't mean "You should count your Blessings young...

Planet Shine

When my daughter died it destroyed my whole belief system. I don't mean in a religious way, and not necessarily spiritual, just the...

Degrees of death

Losing a child is the worst grief you will feel. I'm told this often, and I want to ask, how do you know? I don't mean this in a...

Birthday time

There are times when grief rears up and butts you in the head, often unexpectedly. Tomorrow is my son's 12th birthday. Last year, for...

Not Broken

I got a message this week that reminded me why I started writing this blog. It wasn't just as a vent for my emotions, but with the hope...

5 months

Today marks five months since Lauren died. Five months today we were driving back from Alderhey in stunned silence, almost fleeing the...

VE Day

I don't think the true destruction of our mental health will be laid bare until the lockdown eases. Like many people I am furloughed. I...

Silence is Golden

One of the unexpected consequences to Lauren's death, is my inability to listen to any music without my heart breaking. Music has always...

What's in a word.

Grief - 13th Century, from the French word grever, meaning to burden, and the Latin gravare, to make heavy. I've been considering Grief....

And on and on and on....

Facebook keeps sending me alerts to remind me I haven't added to my page for a while. There doesn't seem to be a button to respond "My...

Mum Guilt

It is expected that the government will today announce the lockdown will continue for at least 3 more weeks. Athough we want a return to...

4 very long months

Today marks 4 months since we said our final goodbyes to Lauren. 4 months since the consultants told us she'd suffered a catastrophic...

Week 3

As we start the third week of lockdown I think I'm becoming a full blown hypochondriac. Every little symptom is blown out of all...

Easter Holidays 🐰

So the school holidays are here! It's abit of a strange feeling. Not helped by the fact that we should have been off on our family ski...

Week 2

Week 2 of the lockdown and thankfully we are all still healthy. As yet no friends & family have been affected. I wanted to do an...

British Summertime Begins

So it's official, British Summertime has begun. This must be the strangest start yet, certainly since the war. I'm aware that in these...


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Upcoming Events

  • 50km Ultra X Summer Trial Marathon
    Sat, 09 Jul
    Hebden Bridge
    09 Jul, 07:00
    Hebden Bridge, Hebden Bridge HX7, UK
    This is the big one! 50km Trail Marathon with 1550mtr Elevation - Chris must be off his rocker!
  • Epic Lakes Swim Derwent Water 3th July 2022
    03 Jul, 08:30
    Keswick, Keswick CA12, UK
    Another Epic Open Water Swim for Sarah and her friends and family.
  • Epic Events Southport Triathlon
    22 May, 19:00
    Southport, Southport, UK
    Chris will take part in this, his first Olympic length Triathlon: 1500m swim / 40k cycle / 10k run
  • Night time Summit of Snowdon
    Sun, 01 May
    01 May, 01:30 – 9:30
    Caernarfon, Snowdon, Caernarfon LL55 4UL, UK
    An Alder Hey Organised event to raise money for the Children's Hospital
  •  5k a day for Alder Hey    **Completed - Thankyou for your Donations **
    10 Jul 2021, 19:00
    United Kingdom, United Kingdom
    From 11 July 2020 until 10th July 2021 Sarah will be walking/cycling 5k every day to raise money for Alderhey Childrens Hospital
  •  Wooler Trail Marathon   **Completed - Thankyou for your Donations **
    14 Nov 2020, 08:00
    Northumberland National Park, 7 South Park, Hexham NE46 1BT, UK
    Wooler Trail Marathon is set in the heart of Northumberland National Park. This is a challenging Trail Marathon with just over 6000 feet of ascent,
  • Scarfell Pike Marathon  **Completed - Thankyou for your Donations **
    16 Aug 2020, 08:00
    Scafell Pike, Scafell Pike, Seascale CA19 1TH, UK
    A trail marathon incorporating England's highest peak. Based from Keswick the route follows beautiful lakeshore trails, wooded valleys to spectacular high mountain trails, incorporating some of the most dramatic rock scenery in the Lake District.
  • Epic Lakes Swim Derwent Water 5th July  **Completed - Thankyou for your Donations **
    05 Jul 2020, 12:00 – 14:00
    Crow Park, Keswick CA12 5DJ, UK
    The Derwent Epic Lakes Swim is event 2 of the Epic Lakes Open Water Swim Series. It takes place from Crow Park, in Keswick and forms part of the National Trust Regatta Weekend.
  • Badass Mucker Junior
    Sat, 20 Jun
    20 Jun 2020, 12:20
    Caton, Caton, Lancaster LA2, UK
    A 2.5km Course over 25 Obstacles, including muddy areas and a finishing slide into a plunge pool. The event is hi-energy fun that challenges all abilities through the age range and emphasises teamwork and lots of laughs.