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One of the things I wanted to do after Lauren's death was create an area where we could always remember her. It seems a strange thing to say as it's not like we will forget her, but when a child dies it suddenly feels very important to create something lasting for them. I guess it's because they are no longer able to create anything for themselves.

I wanted to have an area in the garden for Lauren. Somewhere to sit and remember and smile, or cry. Having it in our own garden would mean I could go there whenever I wanted and also stop any feelings of guilt about how often to visit and how long to stay. We don't need any more mental torment.

We found this arbour online from which we painted up in her favourite colours. It took a while as although we had the time, the actual paint and supplies were not easy to come by.

The arbour is surrounded by fruit trees. Anyone who knew Lauren would know that she mainly ate fruit! The landscaping isn't done as yet though. So any advice on white & blue flowers/shrubs would be gratefully appreciated. We are thinking of a climbing white rose too. It needs to be hardy as I'm not the best with plants!

Hopefully when it's all finished it will be a most fitting salute for our darling daughter 💙

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