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Self Isolation

Day 1 of self isolation. I think it's going to be more difficult than I imagined.

I'm tired. I drank too much wine last night to combat the post holiday blues. It just delayed them.

Coming home after holidays is always mildly depressing. It's not helped when the weather is so grim. I guess a dead daughter and the country in a global pandemic adds to the general gloom too.

I now we can't even go out and see friends to relieve the tedium and pain.

The problem with rules is when they become too complex and too numerous they loose their impact. That's why the media is full of stories of people flouting lockdown and refusing to comply with new legislation. Obviously I'm going to self isolate as I wouldn't want to against advice and infect anyone. But the situation in Menorca felt so much safer than here. Everyone wearing face masks, hand sanitiser in every shop (& you had to use it to enter), quiet beaches and all outdoor activities.

I know people have been unsympathetic regarding those of us that want to go on holiday, but, to be honest, I'm sick of the judgements that people feel they can make. No-one knows anyone else's situation and mind set. If rules are followed and risks are minimised then what's the concern. There's probably more risk going to the shops/pubs here than there is in Menorca.

It's naive to think that this situation is going to have improved in a years time. Coronovirus is here now, we all need to learn to live with it. I know only too well how quickly things can change. I'm not prepared to wait around in the hope of a miracle cure. I'm not advocating reckless behaviour, but life is finite, we need to find a new normal, not hide away. Risk is everywhere, not just from bugs and viruses. Also judging by how quiet the Spanish islands were, we'll be lucky if there any hotels or restaurants still trading by next year.

Time isn't the main thing, it's the only thing. -Miles Davies

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