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So when one of my friends suggested I have the option to "nominate a mate" for my 5k a day to Alderley I hoped I'd never need it. To that end I have been walking 5km everyday of my holiday, and it is hot and hilly here. However I didn't reckon on Boris scuppered my plans.

Anyone who follows me on Strava will have noticed that my daily 5k walks are no longer local. We've just returned from Menorca, so the next 14 days we will be self isolating, no work, no shopping and no walking!

If you could walk/run/cycle 5k for Alderhey over the next 14 days please let me know.

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Jill Frackelton
Jill Frackelton
Jul 31, 2020

I will be do 5k every other day cycling 👍


I will definitely walk 5k a day for you. 👍👍

Lucy Mansfield

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