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Count your Blessings

This is one of the grief cliches I can actually get on board with.

Just to be clear I don't mean "You should count your Blessings young lady" shrieked in a fishwife voice, but in the literal sense.

The first thing to remember is that everyone dies. We may not like the timing, place or variety of the death, but that makes no difference to the outcome.

The next thing to remember is that no one has a perfect life, no matter what they display on social media.

Then think about what is good in your life, irrespective of anyone else.

For me, my blessings are my happy marriage and my 2 healthy children, my health and my friends. I'd add to that our house and our jobs (I realise money/homes may seem irrelevant but it is a blessing to know our house is secure & our bill's can be paid) and obviously Luna, the puppy. I guess if I was feeling strong I'd also say that the 13 years we had with Lauren was also a blessing.

My expectation is that everyone can find their blessings, no matter how small. I hope that is true. Concentrate on them, not on what you have lost. Living with loss takes real effort to survive, but you can survive if you choose to; not just survive but actually be happy, in moments.

"We never lose our demons, we only learn to live above them". The Ancient One, Dr Strange.

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