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Week 3

As we start the third week of lockdown I think I'm becoming a full blown hypochondriac. Every little symptom is blown out of all proportion. I'm so scared of the kids getting sick. I know that if they catch Coronovirus they "should" only get mild symptoms, but that isn't very reassuring.

News of Boris's hospitalisation may eventually make the idiots take notice. It's strange that with over 5000 people dead in the UK that they haven't already taken this seriously. He may actually achieve with his illness what he was unable to do when he was healthy.

Grief is lonely, and individual, and unsettling. Being unable to see friends and extended family in person makes it more difficult. Video chat is okay, but it's no substitute for real life. I know many people must be struggling with that. I definitely am. I'd like to insert something deep and meaningful here...but I can't think of anything. It is what it is.

We are healthy and the weather is sunny 🌞.The kids have had the paddling pool out, and we had a game of cricket in the garden today. I'm glad we have a garden, and that we live in the country. It's easy to get out for walks without coming into contact with anyone. The photos from the cities look horrendous; busy and scary

I tried abit of sunbathing, Luna obviously joined me.....this was my standard view..

The news brings grim stories of death figures that increase each day. I look forward to the time when the figures start to decrease, when social distancing begins to take effect. We are all looking to Italy and Spain to see what goes on there. Could this really be over in two months? Or Three?

A good friend of mine told me that the Buddhists say "Relax, everything is out of your control" whereas we are more prone to panic when things are out of our control......

*must be more buddha

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