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Two weeks to go!

In two weeks time I'll be walking my last #5kadayforalderhey. By then I'll have covered over 2500 km (or the distance from my house to the Bay of Naples) I'll be walking it here, at Derwentwater

It looks beautiful doesn't it...but I doubt I'll be be thinking that in 2 weeks time. The end of my year of walking means that the next day I'll be swimming in this lake as part of #epicswimforalderhey. With other #teamloz members we will be doing something none of us have done before, a mile swim in an organised event.

To say I am nervous about it would be a huge understatement. I'm just glad I will have Mandy, Heather, Lucy and our very own Aquaman (aka Dave) swimming there with me. I can't thank them all enough, (well, apart from Heather as it was all her idea, so I'll save my praise for her until after the event), but in all seriousness there is no way I would be doing it without them.

And none of us would be doing it if it wasn't for Lauren.

We are doing this to raise money for Alder Hey Children’s hospital. We have chosen where we want the money raised to be spent. It is in an area described by Alder Hey as "making memories"

This is what their director of Philanthropy wrote to me:

We’d would like to expand and enhance this programme of activity which we know means so much to our patients and their families. We would like to be able to offer families the opportunity to have professional photography, as well as creating keepsakes, such as either a pottery plate or a canvas which shows hands and footprints.

We’d like to expand this service to help the approximately 80 children a year that pass away outside the hospital, but who are supported by our palliative and bereavement care team. There are also a small number of patients within the hospital who don’t spend their final days in critical care, and we’re keen that these patients always have access to these same opportunities to make memories with their families.

This seems so fitting for Lauren's money to be spent on. The handprints and fingerprints that we made in her final hours are now precious keepsakes and made an absolutely heartbreaking time somehow less distressing for her siblings and us.

To help us raise even more money for this worthy cause, please follow the link below, and a massive thankyou to all those who have already donated 💙💙💙💙

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