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The New Normal

So we got Mothers day done!

I had loads of messages of support, thankyou but in all honesty the day wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Sometimes it's like the worry about the actual day can take away some of the pain of the day itself, if that makes sense? So I was upset Saturday night, but by Sunday I was just numb.

In mothers days gone by I would of been happy, had a warm glow of content in the family we had created. But I'm guessing that this year I wasn't alone in feeling less than serene. These are unsettling times.

I think Mothers Day was the first day I properly realised what "social distancing" was going to mean. Upto that point I'd thought it would just lead to a ban on mass gatherings, that the kids, and us, could still meet up with friends, so long as the numbers remain small. But this is not the case. It is far too dangerous, every activity and outing needs to be risk assessed.

I know I'm in a more unique position than most. The unexpected, the worse case scenario, has already happened to me. I think as human beings we are programmed to look on the bright side, to not consider the worst could happen. It's how we go about our day to day jobs in such a compliant manner. If we actually thought about the fact that we are all going to die, I doubt as many would work those long hours or lust after expensive possessions.

But in this situation, with this virus, we need to prepare for the worst. The blitz mentality will not get us through this. We need to take the risks seriously or the worst will happen.

On a more upbeat note, toilet roll seems to be returning to the shops, no handwash yet though!

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