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The Lockdown 

Well we finally got the news we knew was coming, stay at home!

It won't make much difference to how our family has been over the last couple of days. We made the decision on Sunday that we wouldn't be seeing anyone outside our household until this is over. The Husband is still on grief leave and I mainly have an office to myself, so we are able to avoid non family members.

We've had the first full day of Menzies school yesterday. Like most of you our day started with Joe Wicks. I must admit I felt abit Meh about him when he was showing us how to smash avocados onto toast, but his daily PE is bloody legend making.

Keeping the kids in a routine will be tricky. I'm trying not to be too strict about it. It's all alot for their mental health to take in, without trying to force unrealistic expectations on them.

We are lucky to live in the country so today involved walking the dog, and kids, down by the river. This afternoon was reserved for food tech (baking for the Husbands Birthday tomorrow).

I think my anxiety has actually reduced since Boris introduced the lockdown. Before that I was shocked at the amount of people just carrying on as normal. I heard alot being made about groups of kids being out, but judging by the amount of adults also out I'd argue the kids were just copying adult behaviour.

A global pandemic has certainly given me something to think about rather than my personal grief (although it doesn't go away). All the worry about the Virus does, in some small way, make a little sense of Lauren's death.

To have the time to spend with family, without outside influences always pecking at us may prove to be life affirming. Although it's early days, come back to me on that after 3 weeks!

None of us is immortal. Look after yourselves and think before you go out, is it worth the risk.

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