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School Visit

We went to Lauren's school last week. It's not a place we can ignore as it's the school her younger brother attends & where her younger sister will go once she's old enough.

Meetings about Lauren are always hard. They make us confront the fact that she is dead. Don't worry, I'm not going mad, I do understand that she's never coming back. Sometimes it's just hard to comprehend, how can it be true when the world keeps turning, jobs still need doing, shopping bought, ironing done, all without her here.

So the day of the school meeting I was very emotional, struggling to keep it together and wishing we hadn't arranged to go in.

I'm so glad we did.

We already knew the school was fantastic, but the teachers showed so much compassion. We spoke about Lauren, how loved she was. They told me stories of how often she'd helped other pupils and how much she would be missed. I cried, obviously.

The children had brought in photos they had of her, ones I hadn't seen before, from social media or nights out. They created a lovely book for them all.

They told me the pupils are planning a film night, a marvel film as they are Lauren's favourite. The proceeds will go to Lauren's fund to help Alderhey.

The school is going to plant a tree with a plaque so that Lauren will always be remembered there.

Sometimes the things that are difficult to do actually end up being of some help

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