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Parents Evening

I've never had an issue with Parents Evening. My kids have always been achieving well, both academically and in their behaviour. That used to make me feel like such a smug mum, but now it hardly seems important.

I've already done my son's parents evening, he's doing well "considering" was the general consensus. High school is a bit more faceless so I held it together until the end (just).

Tonight is my daughters parents evening. She is still at Primary School, the same school of which Lauren was Sports Captain and Head of the School Council. Where everyone knows and loves Lauren.

To top it all off I've been emotional all day, crying at work, feeling generally sad and sick. I rang the Husband to tell him I felt sad (spread the joy!) he managed to cheer me up with stories of puppy destruction, obviously of his clothing items and not mine.

I hope it goes okay tonight, not the daughters report, that will be great, obviously, I just need to get through it. I called in to the Primary School last Monday, I had a couple of things to collect from the office. The thought of it didn't faze me at all, until I saw the Year 6 teacher. She's an amazing teacher and Lauren really liked her when she taught her. The poor woman only had to say two things to me and I completely broke down. When I got home I sat in the bathroom sobbing.

I don't want to be the person that people can't talk to in case I fall apart. I need to keep talking about Lauren, but if I collapse on mention of her name how can I expect people to keep talking about her.

UPDATE: on the way home Stones Roses Sally Cinnamon came on the radio, I knew everything was going to be okay, and it was. It was touch and go when her teacher told us how caring she was helping the younger children, so like Lauren. I may of shed a little tear at that point.

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Yes she definitely was always amazing at school, in class and as head of School Council. She was the best xxxxx

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