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Mend and Make Do

One small positive to come from the enforced shutdown, for me personally, has been my change in attitude to consumerism.

When we were free to roam as we wanted I was probably at the shops every day, for something or other that seemed essential. I haven't been since Monday and guess what, the world is still turning (just!) The kids have complained when their favourite cereal has run out, but they've just had to make do with what there is. They've run out of Hot Chocolate Tassimo Pods (First World Problems!) so they can have water, made abit nicer with ice cubes. When the treat tub is empty they'll have to do without, there's plenty other food in the house.

It reminds me of when I was a kid and we went to the shops once a week. I got to choose a treat, pack of trio's or club biscuits, and when they were gone that was it until next week's shop. We have become all too used to having everything, immediately. Next day delivery? Why not today? Food out of date, no problem chuck it and go buy some more. Don't fancy what we had planned for tea, lets go buy something else....more more more.

Now I am religiously checking best before dates to ensure no food is wasted. The spinach was past it's best so the Husband made a soup - that's lunch sorted.

It all feels like we've had the chance to recognise that we don't need everything, and we certainly don't need it all immediately. Our parents and grandparents lived alot frugally than we do. I guess most of us would of said that we couldn't live like they did. Well, now we have to, if we want to stay healthy, and it's okay.

Also, I've starting ringing & video calling people rather than texting, it's nice to hear voices and see faces.

I'm not at the darning socks level, although maybe I'll give it a go. Anyone with a son will know that the sock is a waste ground of destruction to them!

The stories coming out of the media now are scary. It's not just those with pre-existing illnesses that are dying, although I think we probably always suspected that. Governments, especially Tory ones, don't offer to pay 80% of people's wages unless it's really serious. Every time we step out of our house the risk to our health increases. If it's a quiet walk or a quiet supermarket the risk is lower than a busy one, but it's still a risk. As for the people still willing to flout the rules to meet up in groups, they are playing Russian Roulette with all our lives.

I won't be dashing off to the shops because we've run out of the kids favourite chocolate biscuits. If we run out of Gin it may be another story (only joking I've found a receipe for moonshine on you tube😉)

Stay in and Stay Safe

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