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Half Term

It's coming to the end of half term, and as all parents can attest to, it's been a wet one.

I had planned on filling the week with long family walks and hearty lunches. However, getting my lot out of the house on dry days can take a mammoth effort, when it's raining it takes more motivation than I can currently muster.

It's been a funny week, only the 4 of us. We've all missed Lauren's input. You carry on doing the same activities but something, someone, is blatantly missing.

We went to the Butterfly house, and the kids wanted to buy a present for Lauren from the gift shop. We went to Wagamama and the Husband asked for a table for 5 people. Our waitress there was called Lauren, which I took as one of my ever present "signs". Queue eyerolling by the rest of the family. We baked together, and later I remarked on how long the chocolate cake lasted without Lauren eating it.

I couldn't say half term has been fun, but there have been some nice bits. And when I think about it I don't think I've shouted at the kids once.

Overall not bad for a wet and rainy half term, and our first one without Lauren. Xx

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