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First Night Out

Before Lauren got sick I'd booked a table at a local restaurant for me and The Husband. The booking was for last night.

When i got the email reminder last week, my first instinct was to cancel it, it seemed so frivolous. I nearly didn't even mention it to the Husband, but I did and he was keen to go. The cooking has been abit hit and miss in our house recently, I think he was looking forward to a good feed.

When we were getting ready to go out we were both apprehensive. We had been out together since Lauren died, but for pub lunches or round to friends houses with the kids. Not out, out. (Or as close to out, out as we get)

Our main concern was what we would talk about. When it is just the two of us there is always an elephant in the room. A pretty dancing elephant, waving at us and demanding attention. Lauren, obviously.

The night was okay. I wouldn't class it as one of my better nights (No garnish in the G&T, what's that all about?) but we got through it. We did talk about Lauren, but we talked about other things too, and I didn't cry. So I guess that must be classed as a success.

I'm glad we went. It's the first night out done, another first. We got through it and hopefully next time it will be easier.

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