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Fear and Dread

I've been trying very hard to keep the anxiety at bay. Yesterday I mainly cried and slept. Today I felt better, at first. Then the kids football training was cancelled, the dance competition and then the theatre group.

It's hard not to feel scared. No one knows what is going to happen. Once upon a time this situation would not cause me anxiety, but that person doesn't exist anymore.

Now I feel dread at the pit of my stomach. I'm trying to push it away but it just reminds me of how I felt when Lauren was in hospital.

Mental health is so fragile. The current situation is going to have a massive impact on everyone, especially those that are only just holding on. I'm worried about my family, their physical and their mental health. We are social beings, how do we cope without social interaction.

The world as we know it is shifting, and the whole process is unsettling and causes fear.

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