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Easter Holidays 🐰

So the school holidays are here! It's abit of a strange feeling. Not helped by the fact that we should have been off on our family ski trip today. Obviously the cancellation of this trip was in no way as heartbreaking as the one we cancelled immediately after Lauren's death.

I'm glad that home schooling will pause for a couple of weeks. It's hard to have the job of mum and teacher. I've no idea how people could be attempting to work from home too, that's got to be impossible. I guess how difficult it is to get the kids learning will depend on the child, their age and how much they like schoolwork. I'm lucky that mine are of an age where they can learn independently. But there is still a great deal of supervision required, especially with the boy. I've kept at it as much for the routine as for the actual learning. If I let them laze all day I think it would affect their mental wellbeing, it would certainly affect mine!

So school is out and I'm enjoying the lazing. Its mid afternoon and the kids are still in pjs camped out on sofas watching box sets. This would usually make me twitch. But there's nothing else for them to do so I am embracing it. It is actually quite liberating.

I'm preparing tea while drinking a glass of wine (chefs perogative). I did lay off the alcohol mid week and it has definitely helped my mood. The plan going forward is to try and stick to weekends only. Not sure if I'll manage it, just need to remind myself how much better I feel without it.

Another reason for my good mood is the puppy. She is amazing. She still sits on my knee like she did when she was considerably smaller. I guess she knows when I need an extra cuddle.

Worry about the virus is still high. Everytime I see an ambulance I'm transported right back to those blue lighted trips with Lauren. But I'm trying to push it from my mind and just enjoy pottering around the house. I still take notice of the death toll, it's hard not too, but I'm limiting my access to the news and definitely sticking to the more reliable news outlets.

We did want to be making new memories, I guess we are in a way, just not the ones I expected. The only thing within my control is the ability to stay in and stay away from others, so that is what I'm going to do.

Hope everyone is safe & well 💙

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Fiona Carney
Fiona Carney
04 avr. 2020

Aaaawww she's beautiful! And you are making memories, you're right in that it's not how you expected, but when have children ever had this amount of family time before. My granny and grandad used to love telling stories of the war and the hardships they went through but also liked to focus on the life skills they learnt, tess has likened it to that..."granny would be proud of us making bread!" This is their story to tell their children/grandchildren difference being my grandparents got bombed, tess just has to watch tv 😂😂😂 (you do feel a tad shell shocked after too much Sam and kat!) X

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