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Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today

Last week was undeniably difficult. I can't yet calm my mind enough to write about it in detail, I'm sure I will, just not yet.

What I did want to say is how incredibly moved we are, as a family, at the outpouring of love and good wishes we have received. They have enveloped us, like a cosy security blanket. It can't make everything better, but it keeps you warm.

I was surprised, although I guess I shouldn't have been, at the amount of Lauren's friends who sent gifts and well wishes. In addition to the individual messages we received, Lauren was also remembered by her primary school, high school and ballet school. We were reminded once again of the impact Lauren had on those around her.

When we decorated Lauren's room, just 18 months ago, this is the picture she chose to hang over her bed.

I hope that wherever she is she knows that she achieved that.

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