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Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

It's been all about Alder Hey for these last few days

Firstly, I went to The Delph Watersport Centre with some other members of Team Loz for our first swim camp training session to help with our #epicswimforalderhey. Seeing my amazing friends fighting to overcome their fears so that they could help me in my fundraising quest was quite overwhelming. Two months to go before we do it in competition settings. It does make me feel nervous, then I remember what we've survived these last 16 months and it all pales into insignificance. My only real worry is my calf muscle which I strained last week, and clearly didn't rest it for long enough as I'm hobbling around again today.

Yesterday I met with the hospital's Director of Philanthropy (I love that job title) he joined me on my daily 5k while we discussed what area we would like to focus the fundraising money on. We haven't finalised the plans as yet, although we are looking at arts and music as they were Lauren's passions. I'll let you all know more details as we have them.

Also, and possibly more rewarding for me personally is that Lauren can have her name on a plaque in the hospital's atrium. So a massive thankyou for all who have donated, or shared the justgiving page, as that means such a lot to us all. When you loose a child you cling to some sense of permanence for them in this world. I guess that's why so many bereaved family's raise money, start charity's and petition to change laws in the names of their dead children.

As you know we have many events this year that we have been asking for sponsorship for. I'm very aware that everyone has been more than generous. Hopefully as covid restrictions continue to relax we may be able to plan some fun events for everyone to join in with....don't worry I'm thinking more along the lines of quiz and curry nights, not marathons over Scarfell Pike.

Until then we'll continue to share our training and our accomplishments and of course the justgiving page, all in Lauren's name for Alderhey Children's Hospital

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