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3 Years

Today marks 3 years since our beautiful & vibrant daughter died. I dislike it when people say "lost", we didn't mislay her, hoping she'd turn up in the back of some drawer. She died.

It feels a little different this time. The first time without Covid restrictions. Life and all its distractions is now here and it feels like it helps.

I'm not sure what makes things feel a little easier this year. Maybe I'm a little stronger, maybe the fact that life is now busier means we don't fixate on the hard times quite as much.

What I do know is that our "new normal" has instead now become our "normal." It is difficult to remember a time when we were not grieving Lauren, when life was wholly different for us. But amongst the grief is an appreciation, not just for what we have lost, but for what we still have.

Knowing the fragility of life actually enriches it. We all, family & friends, are more aware of the joy due to the simple fact that we are also more aware of the sorrow. 💙

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