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100 days of 5k for Alderhey

Yesterday completed the 100th day of my 365 day challenge to travel 5k a day to Alderley, over 700km travelled.

It isn't always easy to find the time (or inclination) but I am 100 days in, thanks to the friends who helped when I had to isolate.

I have already received many contributions to Lauren's just page

Knowing that I am raising money, in Lauren's memory, to help Alderhey care for other poorly children in our region makes me carry on, through the wind, rain and hangovers.

Those of you that have been to Alderhey Children's Hospital will know how fantastic all the staff and facilities are. Those of you who haven't, be safe in the knowledge that in your darkest days, when you worry for your child's health, there is such a wonderful facility. Long may it continue.

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