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1 Swim, 2 Marathons, 3 Peaks and a Badass Mucker!

My first ever open water swim is in July so I've been swimming twice a week since the beginning of Feb, only at the local pool, I'm not completely crazy. Once it warms up abit we'll be venturing out into the cold outside to get some practice

I've also signed up for the 3 peaks challenge in Yorkshire. 24miles doesn't sound too bad, but it is over Yorkshires 3 highest peaks, so I really need to get my fitness sorted.

The husband has got 2 trail marathons later this year, so his workouts are also increasing. Hopefully the rain will stop as the ground resembles a mud bath at the moment.

It gives us something to focus on, although I'm glad we've got a few months to get in shape as focus is not something I'm particularly good at at the moment.

The kids aren't going to be left out. They've got Badass Mucker junior in June, I would have offered to run it with them but I've got a dodgy knee......

We just want to do something for Lauren. It's not much but if we can raise money in her memory it feels like she lives on in some small way.

I know she'd find it most hilarious that I've signed up for these things. I can picture the eyebrows raised and a "Are you sure about this mum?"


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